Our Ribelmais-goose - a real Rhine Valley dweller

As example, our Ribelmais geese live on the "Gehrenhof" of the Eugster family in Lüchingen near Altstätten and grow up there in the Ribelmais field.

The Ribelmais variety we cultivate has a 300-year history and is associated with many traditions in the Rhine Valley. Geese breeding on the Ribelmais field is very innovative and it works extremely well: during spring, when the corn plants are still small, the young and still small geese are allowed for the first time in the corn field. The then still young geese quickly get used to their special environment and eat the Ribelmais later along with the corn plants.

In addition, the Eugster family supplies the Ribelmais geese with a farm's own feed mixture containing, for example, the nutritious Ribel-malt. The Ribel-malt comes from the production of the farm's own Stricker Beer and is an ideal ingredient of the goose feed.

Thanks to the slow growth and special feed, Ribelmais geese are a real feast.


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