Gourmet Turkey

Gourmet-Turkey: Born to be wild

The rearing of our gourmet turkeys begins with the coveted original Kelly Bronze hatching eggs, which we purchase directly from the UK. Kelly Bronze is an English turkey wild breed, bred for the traditional English Christmas Turkey. The turkeys of this particular breed grow very slowly and reach a final weight of 5 to 9 kilograms depending on the breeding time. The adult animals form a thin layer of fat under the skin when optimally fed . This so-called "subcutaneous fat" makes the festive roast a real taste experience!

Our turkey chicks hatch in June and the young turkeys spend the whole summer outdoors on a farm in Gossau/SG. Appropriate and particular to this free range is the fact that the turkeys can move about freely as they wish. Having lots of exercises is our secret recipe for best gourmet turkey meat, which is achieved by using targeted feeding for this special breed and allowing them to grow gently for over six months. Carry out the food tasting and find out: our turkeys are absolutely comparable to the best English and French breed!


  •     Gourmet turkeys are only available whole (while stocks last).
  •     Gourmet turkeys are only available in November and December.
  •     Various weights between 5 and 10 kg, fully grown.

Turkey recipe

Sascha Beilke, Culinarium King, shows his version of gourmet turkey:



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