Appenzell Duck: Die Öserig

Our ducks live with the tenant of the monastery St. Ottilia, Grimmenstein in Walzenhausen in the Appenzeller Vorderland.

The ducks have a lot of exercise and even a bathing opportunity with Anita and Franz Rutz. The Appenzell ducks belong to a duck breed, which descends from the white Peking duck. Our ducks are particularly fine due to a balanced muscle-meat-fat ratio.

In addition to fresh ducks, we offer regional specialties such as the smoked duck breast and air-dried salsiz sausage. We have already received several awards for these specialties.

We sell our ducks

  •      whole
  •      as duck breast
  •      as duck leg
  •      as smoked duck breast
  •      as duck salsiz sausage.

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