LUMA delicacies are known for their noble, matured meat specialties.

In collaboration with LUMA we have developed a Dry-Aged-Chicken and Dry-Aged-Duck line.

Ripening poultry is basically nothing new. In Bresse, poultry has already been traditionally stored for a longer time.

Ripening poultry is very time-consuming and demanding.

The animals are handpicked and individually plucked dry after slaughter. Dry rearing and comestibles slaughter preserve the natural protection of the animal. Thus, the animals can be matured in a special room at controlled temperature and humidity.

Thanks to the dry-aged process, we certainly lose weight, but develop strong aromas.

Once the poultry has matured to the point, it is processed and flash frozen.

Each cache is tested, and the delicious poultry is sold after the laboratory release.

The sale is exclusive via LUMA.

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