Two family businesses - a vision


Two family businesses - a vision


Bianchi – fresh since 1881!

G. Bianchi is our most important logistics partner. Thanks to the network of more than 100 delivery vans, we have the opportunity to serve virtually any location in Switzerland every day.

The fifth generation of the family-owned company specializes in fresh specialties such as fish, crustaceans, tender meats and poultry.

Our two family businesses perfectly complement each other. G. Bianchi has the know-how and relationships in terms of quality, logistics and sales. We know how to sustainably produce poultry locally. Together we have developed the well-known and successful poultry label Alpstein-Poulet with farmers. Alpstein poultry comes from small herds from the region around the Alpstein.

We process and directly commission in our production on the basis of Bianchi's customers' requests.

Currently we have a pilot project with a large group of guests. It's about a chef being able to reserve a small stall of chicken and nose-to-tail picking up all the chicken from his stall.

For this, we have developed a tool with which the chef can directly order and keep an eye on his stocks.

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