Here is a part of our customer base, whom we are usually allowed to serve through retailers.

We would be very happy, if you too would soon be part of it.

  • Swisse Re
  • Gate Gourmet
  • Syngenta
  • Novartis Personalrestaurant
  • Martin Real Reblaube 
  • Baur au Lac 
  • Hello Fresch
  • Stucki Basel
  • 7132 Hotel Vals 
  • Fernsicht Heiden
  • Zapote Zürich
  • Maison Maness
  • LUMA Delikatessen
  • Hotel de Ville 
  • Moment Bern 
  • Lamparts Häggendorf
  • Burg AU 
  • Gasthaus Löwen Tübach
  • Sonne Winterthur 
  • Parkhotel Zug 
  • Park Hotel Vitznau
  • Dolder Zürich
  • Pulcino Zürich
  • Royal Svoy
  • Barz St.Gallen 
  • UBS Opfikon
  • SRF Personalrestaurent
  • PHZ Zürich

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