Mobil stable

Everyone who keeps free-range chickens knows the problem: The chickens usually move near their stable. The soil is heavily used in this area. After a few years, this can be a problem with fixed stables despite changing pastures. Mobile stables have long been an issue in solving the problem. The mobile stables used so far in Switzerland are suitable for 250 to 500 animals, which is why some small stables are usually next to each other. An automatic feeding and a light, water and climate control are hardly feasible. Since the mobile stables cannot be heated, the animals must be fed in fixed stables. The very good breeding facility is labor-intensive and therefore very expensive.

We looked for solutions as to how we can rear chicken efficiently despite the free-range.

A system from Germany convinced us: a large mobile stable with integrated conservatory, automatic feeding and climate control. However, the system can only be used on shallow pastures.

After some persuasion we were able to convince the authorities of the canton St.Gallen to approve two experimental stables.

Since 2017, we have put our first two large mobile stables in operation.

Now we are able to produce Ribelmais and Ribelmais-Poularde in the same area.

Details in the Mobil stable report:

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